1. No bad language
2. Everyone has the right to put himself at the queue once. When his turn passes, he can put again his name in the queue.
3.  Sunday is a free day, and the blog is unactive that day. So everyone can do a run for catwalk without the help of the blog on Sunday.
4. You can't run for catwalk winner when it's an other member's turn, unless you want to get deleted from the blog (from queue FOREVER )
5. You have to be a follower to enter the queue
6. You have to be an active follower, i mean you have to save at your album 10-15 times the one whose turn it is.
7. Don't follow a blog which is the same as ours, then I will delete you from blog. We are starting this first, so all the others will be copiers.
8. You have to write the url of our blog on your presentation when it will be your turn.
9. You have to follow all the rules.

Have fun!
 xxx Christine!

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Nia said...

OK sure =D